Welcome to the reACTION unit!

In this unit in science we will be learning about chemistry, but we will also be making our own movies.
  • Choose one chemistry practical from a precipitation reaction, combustion reaction and flame tests.
  • Work collaboratively (groups of 2-3) to gather video and pictorial footage and research your reaction of choice.
  • Individually edit and produce a short (maximum 5 minutes) educational movie about your chosen reaction which is not only engaging to its target audience (fellow students) but also explains all aspects of the chemistry involved.
Once you have decided on a reaction, the best thing to do to start planning your movies is fill out this story board worksheet. Also don’t forget to have a look at how your movie will be marked – check the marking sheet again once you have finished your movie to make sure you included everything.
There is quite a lot of chemistry to learn in this unit so it might be wise to have a read through the course notes here.
Also make sure you have a look at the timetable so you know where you should be up to with your work.
This unit will be complemented by a series of homework questions to build and solidify your understanding. You will need to make sure these tasks are also completed every week.
Some chemistry concepts you may choose to explain in your video are:
Chemical Equations, Reactants, Products, Balancing equations, Periodic table, Periods, Groups, Atomic Structure, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Outer shells, Ions, Ionic bonding, Covalent bonding, Metallic bonding, Properties of the elements involved, Metals, Non-Metals, Metalloids.
Here is a short introductory YouTube video to the unit:
By the end of this topic it is expected that you will have learnt the key knowledge in this document.
Finally, when everyone is finished making their movies we will watch each others work and peer assess each other using this sheet. We will also reflect on our own personal learning using this topic reflection sheet.
Well. What are you waiting for … START LEARNING !!!